Friday, September 5, 2008

A Gesture Life

A Gesture Life enfolds you into the layered depths of the immigrant world of its Korean-born Japanese American protagonist. Chang-Rae Lee offers the reader a story that unfolds in front of you silently like an ancient rolled manuscript. He takes you smoothly through the pages of the character's life by using conversations as the tool to reveal events. The beads of facts are arranged gracefully on the string of intimate dialogues.

Otherwise, the book takes you into the life of the silent Dr. Hata without much ceremonialism. It lets you eavesdrop on the conversations and learn about the past of Dr. Hata as much as the others will tell you. Because Dr. Hata is a silent Japanese. The stylistics of the text will also present the reader with a picture of Japanese treasures: blossoms, flowers, tea, long afternoon conversations, beautiful gardens.

I can't wait to finish reading it.

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