Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank You for Not Reading

Thank You for Not Reading

Essays on Literary Trivia

Dubravka Ugresic

Translated by Celia Hawkesworth

Dalkey Archive Press, 2003
Comments: Wonderful, as usually Dobravka Ugresic's prose is. The theme definitely unites the essays but towards the end the idea seems to be a bit too repetitive. The deaf, the blind, and even those who did not read but only heard of her book already know that it is about the vile, unintellectual, money-oriented publishing market of the Western world. Let's not even start spinning the statue of the Eastern European intellectual, let alone the feminine author, because we know that she is going to chew up the Ivana Trumps of the writing world and embrace Nadezhda Mandelstams.

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